As you might imagine, aggressive salvaging attracts a fair few war declarations. Most are pure nuisance declarations by the alt of a friend of an unhappy person. Typically these are from small corporations in distant space and we never see a hostile in local. When I don’t know the people and I don’t know the causus belli and nothing ever happens, I don’t always bother even mentioning these on the blog.

I’m only mentioning this one (from a one-man corporation called Empire of Ducky, starring, you guessed it, Ducky) because the timing is a little suspicious, coming right after a pissed-off Chebri retracted her war under pressure from the INDY folk (we all understand I’m speculating based on the best info available to me).

Ducky (actually, Duckeye, but Ducky sounds funnier) sounds like somebody who could be a Friend of Chebri. His corp title is “God”, he carries around a 25,000,000 isk bounty, and his bio says:

Within me there is a destiny; to live a greater existence and become an ultimate power….Free to decide who lives and dies in the world that I will rule as my own, and it will be perfect, a perfect world! I WILL BE JUSTICE!! I WILL BE THE GOD OF THE NEW WORLD, SAVING IT FROM EVIL AND RIDDING IT OF FEAR!! THOSE WHO BETRAY AND STAND AGAINST GOD ARE EVIL AND WILL BE SWIFTLY DEALT WITH!! BOW BEFORE GOD OR BE DESTROYED!!

Sorry, Ducky Dude, but here at Ironfleet we don’t do a lot of bowing. Plus, my locater agent says you haven’t even bothered relocating to my region of space, yet.

19 Responses to “Nuisance War, Or Revenge Of The Bride Of Chebri?”

  1. anon. says:

    Pod him.

    3rd party will pay you 5m if corpse is contracted in empire space.

    good hunting.

    (can you tell I’ve met him before AND don’t like him?)

  2. Marlenus says:

    Well, he certainly doesn’t project the image of a pleasant fellow.

    If we should happen to generate a corpse, I assure you we’ll be in touch.

  3. MADNESS says:

    Duckyeye, Or Ducky as you put it, is Formally known as one of ( Chebri’s other Accounts)

  4. MADNESS says:

    Maybe the dates of Birth On both characters will give you a clue.

  5. Marlenus says:

    Ducky: 2006.02.25
    Chebri: 2006.03.17

    Similar. Dates suggest could be alts, could be real-world friends, could be coincidence.

    Thanks for the tip. What a surprise.

  6. Anon. says:


    I can believe they may have known each other rl… but having experienced both, cheb != ducky.

    Madness jsut loves you is all, marnlenus :P

  7. Marlenus says:

    LOL — now I have two anonymous strangers contradicting each other on my blog. Who to believe? ;-)

    I love you both — I love anybody who reads my blog unless I have good reason not to love them — but I hope you’ll understand I can’t trust either one of you as far as I can throw you. Anonymous tips are appreciated — they are data, and data is always good as long as you never give it more weight than it deserves — but I’m sure you both understand why I can’t take any of it very seriously.

  8. MADNESS says:

    Yeah no…. I wouldn’t Doubt it , if Anon here is Either a Flunky Of Chebri’s wide & easily influenced Fellowship, Or Chebri herself. In an attempt discredit the information given.

    And Marlenus being informed is always good data

  9. anon. says:

    Dude, I’m not friggin chebri

    I wasn’t aware of the backdrama to all this crap still I started reading marlenus’ blog.

    I was strictly around for chances to empire pew pew/setup test.

    I wont assume who you are, I’d appreciate the same :P

  10. MADNESS says:

    Tisk…tisk, Sounds like i’ve hit a nerve, and you’re reply ( spoken like a true Chebri Finatic )

  11. anon. says:

    you want to debate who ducky is irl and what my motives are?

    I’ll be more than happy to do it in eve, on my main.

    why don’t we set something up :)

  12. MADNESS says:

    LMFAO ! ! ! ! Imagin that. Quick to anger, Sounds like a Chebri Trait. :P

  13. anon. says:


    glove down. I’m just waiting for a new blog, response (or maybe ban-hammer for me? :O) from marlenus ;-)

  14. Marlenus says:

    Naw, you do seem to have a lot in common with Chebri, but until you get obnoxious the way she did, I’ll keep passing your comments out of moderation.

    You’d have more credibility if you dropped the anonymous schtick, though. I do think it’s pretty funny watching one anonymous person challenge another anonymous person to a spaceship duel — how exactly would you go about setting that up?

    Don’t have any new stuff to blog, Ducky has been a no-show so far and I haven’t had any new adventures otherwise.

  15. anon. says:

    Duel? Nah.

    Personally I was thinking a convo in game. Far easier to debate/argue points back and forth in real time. Don’t know how well it would go, considering we’ve already managed to degenerate to this from ‘anon person is probably chebri’

    I’d like think I’ve remained neutral (though I will acknowledge that what I think and what is the case are often two different things), MADNESS seems to have found the giant foam-finger store, and gotten one made up for IRON.

    I’d like to think that we can all avoid any ad hom attacks (yes I looked that up, no I’m not sure if i used it right)

  16. Marlenus says:

    Sorry, Anon, it’s hard to get “tone” on the internet and your “why don’t we do it in Eve” sounded to me like an old “why don’t we step outside and settle this with our fists?” challenge. It’s been my experience (as a wordy bastard) that in Eve a lot of folks who aren’t happy with the way a conversation is going for them want to “continue the conversation with blasters” and I thought that’s where you were trying to go with Madness.

    I’d agree that you’ve remained fairly neutral in these comments, even made some comments that are helpful if they prove true and sincere. And that’s not like Chebri.

    I am entertained that speculating on whether somebody might be associated with Chebri is considered an ad hominem attack — that’s kinda sad for her.

    But in a polite effort to point out why the subject keeps coming up, your last comment reads like classic Chebri in one significant fashion. She’s most notorious (at Ironfleet) for making nasty denunciations of behavior that she also enjoys — one of our first exchanges involved her RUDELY denouncing Ironfleet’s salvage activities on the grounds that it was rude of us. Now here’s you, making a slam at Madness (a funny slam, but still a slam accusing him of being an overzealous fan of Ironfleet) and then in the next breath, hoping we’ll all refrain from ad hominem attacks.

    It’s a Chebri pattern. Of course she doesn’t own it, but you’ll understand if we continue to maintain an open mind for the time being?

  17. anon. says:

    My understanding of ad hom is an attack without merit? From some of madness’ previous posts I personally thought it had some merit

  18. Marlenus says:

    “Ad Hominem” is Latin for “against the man” and it means an argument that is meritless because it is “against the person” rather than engaging with their arguments. In other words, saying “you can’t believe what X says because X likes to eat babies” is an ad hominem and meritless argument — meritless because it doesn’t have anything to do with what X actually said.

  19. anon. says:

    in a totally unrelated note. It made news once, Stephen Harper eats babies 8)

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