I just posted this to Features And Ideas Discussion; please comment there, for the benefit of the Devs, if you have any substantive feedback on the idea.

As a salvager, it bothers me that I can see wrecks on the directional scanner that there’s no practical way to get to before they expire. That’s just wasted goodies.

We can’t currently probe for wrecks, presumably because it would tip the balance too much in the controversial matter of probing for mission runners. Like everybody, I have my opinions on where that balance should lie, but this suggestion is carefully crafted to avoid touching on that controversy.

A mission runner may, or may not, plan or desire to salvage his wrecks, or to have someone else do so.

But, once he leaves the mission space, he’s usually either coming right back with his salvage vessel, or he’s abandoning the wrecks — far more often the latter, in my experience.

So, why not add one or more probes that can probe for wrecks only, with the following very specific feature: scan signatures of any kind interfere with it, such that it cannot find any wrecks that are within, say, 10,000km of any ship. That would let dedicated salvagers probe down “abandoned” wrecks, without making mission runners any more or less vulnerable to probing. (You might need to adjust that distance to 20k km or 50k km to account for multi-pocket missions, if you need to guarantee the lack of impact on mission runners. Or you could just have wrecks in deadspace be “too hard to find” — they’ll still be findable if the mission runner turns in the mission without salvaging them.)

Whaddya think, a net benefit to the game without goring anybody’s ox?

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  1. Cyberbite says:

    I’m not really for/against [ninja] salvaging. I like to salvage my own wrecks, but I do the mission and then come back in a dedicated salvager. If someone took the effort to scan me down and salvage my wrecks…well, good for them…if I can get to some before them I will, if not…they can have them as i knew the consequence of what i was doing before i chose to do it…just gimme my lewtz :D…there’s always next time :D

    But, I also will end up eventually learning probing just so I can mess with being a ninja salvager myself when i’m bored…who knows :D

    I totally agree with your post (can’t reply on the forums from work or I would have). I think this would be a very balanced addition to the game. It will help salvagers, and not hurt anyone else…it’s a win/noloss(not really another win…lol)…so I don’t see the problem…excellent idea.

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