Sadly, this does not count. Because it was on SISI, the testing server.

I logged into SISI today for the first time in well over a year, to help test the new faction warfare content. There’s no immediate way to sign up for a militia when you’re the CEO of a corp, so I put in my militia application and decided to go looking around in my Hawk.

On the Konola stargate in Isaziwa, I find a Phoenix wreck. What’s a Phoenix? I had to look it up. But the wreck was a big one.

Dreadnaught, it turns out.

Turn on the salvager!

I was surprised to find that my one salvager had a success on the second cycle. I got: 211 conductive polymers, 97 Malfunctioning Shield Emitters, and 238 Ward Consoles. Plus, there were Arbalest torp launchers in the wreck.

None of the stuff matters, because this is on SISI. But I’ve never gotten to salvage a dread “for real”, so this was still fun.

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