This morning’s mail from Concord included a declaration of war from our old friends, the Blood Raiders Initiate (ticker BLOOD), one of the longtime haunts for VampireZim and his alts, associates, and split personalities. Interestingly, Zim himself has split off (as of five days ago) into a splinter corp (along with other known usual suspects) called Caldari State Militia (7 current members, ticker CLDRI).

I guess the “thinking” is that when Zim and crew spot me during faction warfare ops, they can call in the goon squads to gank me without having to muss their own precious State Protectorate standings. Which ought to be, uh, interesting, given the attitudes of some of the fleet commanders I fly with.

I promise a blog post in the next few days giving the complete and squalid history of Zim’s vendetta against Ironfleet Towing And Salvage. The first time it was command ships versus T1 fitted newb caracals. This time, things are not quite so uneven!

Update, day later: And here comes the wardec from Caldari State Militia, Zim’s current (FW-enrolled) corp. In other news, Max Threat from BLOOD was waiting for me outside the State Protectorate Logistics Office in Nourvokaiken, when I undocked in a suicide Caracal (irony). Although he was in an Ishtar with drones hot, I was able to redock OK. Then he camped me while I ate my dinner, which I always enjoy.

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