I swear, Vampire Zim cannot seem to decide whether or not he wants to get his grudge on.

After Max Threat’s one failed attempt to gank me outside the station, today’s mail brings news that the 60 member Blood Raider’s Initiate (wasn’t it 80+ members a few days ago?) has withdrawn its war declaration against Ironfleet Towing and Salvage, a mere 35 hours after the war went live. Fighting (gank attempts?) stop tomorrow.

Ironfleet has and shorter and more uneventful wars, true. But not many.

In other news, VampireZim and two “Caldari State Militia” (CLDRI) henchpeople (D34TH, the original founder of BLOOD, and Kniteflite, a 2008 player who came to CLDRI from BLOOD) are in local as I type this.

Do you suppose tomorrow’s mail will bring a retraction of CLDRI’s war declaration without a shot fired?

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