I haven’t been online much this week — real world calling — but I logged in an hour ago (after midnight local) to shuffle some ships and organize some gear for an hour. But of course, first I had to check my local belts for Dread Guristas, loose ore, and similar hazards to navigation.

Found a guy mining in a Vexor.

Just there, mining, miles from any containers, all by himself, no jetcans out, mining lasers shining cheerily.

I said to myself, “Self”, I said, “this cannot last. I shall come back later and see what is to be found then.”

So, I finished sweeping the belts, I ran an errand in the next system, and I returned.

I found my industrious Vexor pilot mining about twenty klicks from a jumbled pair of Giant Secure Containers, shuttling back and forth to them to dump his cargo hold. The GSCs were adrift where he’d (presumably) jettisoned them from a Badger, nav lights flashing green and brightly.

Flashing green. Yum.

Off I went to get my Bustard. Overkill, but it was handy.

Warp in on the cans. Scoop. Leave. Takes awhile — the Bustard is no twinkletoes — but there’s no reaction from the Vexor, who keeps mining about 20km away.

I wish I could have been there when his mining lasers turned off and he went to approach his … cans? “Hey, where are my cans? WTF? What happened to my cans? I tell you, they were just there, they were RIGHT THERE!”

One can was full, one was about 10% full.

Twenty minutes later, I’ve been watching local for puzzled or outraged inquiries, but nothing.

3 Responses to “Dude, Where Are My Containers?”

  1. Orontes says:

    Question: Have you ever NOT taken ore because you felt the miner was too noob or dumb? During a brief noob-griefing period in my career, I kept sending guys isk when I took their stuff, because I felt like it was beating up bunnies. I actually admire consistent philosophical outlook, but I wondered if you’ve ever broken your own code.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Good question!

    Answer is no — cleaning up stuff is what Ironfleet does, and salvagers aren’t in business to leave salvage behind.

    On the other hand, there have been times when the, er, contributor, convo’d me in friendly fashion, asking what they did wrong or begging for “their” stuff back. When they are nice about it, I am usually friendly; and I have been known to give helpful advice or, after finding out what their *real* game goal is (it’s never “I want a zillion ores in my hangar”) offer help with that goal. I’ve even given out free ships — cheap T1 stuff — to people who were nice, but never the actual stuff back that I hauled in the first place.

    99 times out of a 100, though, the dumb / noob player responds with the most foul abusiveness, and so any charitable impulse I might feel is most handily suppressed.

    There was a time I was wreck-baiting in my stealth bomber and one-shotted a day-old player in his Ibis (honestly, I didn’t realize when I fired, and I was NOT in a starter system). Him, I offered to help, but he didn’t respond.

  3. undertitan says:

    that is so damned funny….

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