There’s a new dev blog up on proposed changes to the blockade runners, which of course includes my beloved one-missle-launcher Cranes:

The Blockade Runners (Crane, Prorator, Prowler, Viator) are meant to be rather good at getting through gate camps and navigating through low and null sec space with more impunity than the other industrial ships. Several changes such as the introduction of interdictors, heavy interdictors, and force and fleet recons have had an impact on their ability to run blockades with much success at all. As a result, we wanted to try and balance things to better focus them towards their role in light of many changes EVE has seen since they first were introduced.

To improve them we refocused on stealth rather than agility. They will gain the ability to equip covert ops cloaking devices and therefore can warp whilst cloaked. In lieu we removed the +2 warp strength and one or part of their active tanking bonuses which were not really being used anyway as much. They will also gain the ability to utilize the black ops jump portals.

For a salvager, the idea of an stealth-warping hauler is the ultimate pants. I’m gonna have so much fun with this!

I’ll miss the +2 warp strength, it was an insurance policy when can flipping in belts. For that role, it will increase my risk. And the loss of an active tanking bonus will eliminate some of the potential targets (especially hulks) where it comes down to a battle of the tanks. But for the tactical flexibility that covops cloak gives me? I’ll make that trade!

Of course, “these changes are not final and are subject to change” et cetera. But, still. I’m stoked.

(My big haulers, the deep space transports like the Bustard, are also gaining the +2 warp strength the blockade runners are losing. That means I can, for the first time, take them into harm’s way in the asteroid belts without worrying about a devious miner with an unexpected warp scrambler. Also cool.)

4 Responses to “Woot! Woot! Woot!”

  1. threeDspider says:

    Finally another blog post :) And yes, industrial changes look interesting, Nov 11 the chances are set to take place, need to buy a crane >.

  2. Marlenus says:

    In my enthusiasm I did forget that the Crane only has one high slot; in order to fit that covops cloak I’m going to have to put my heavy missile launcher in the cargo hold.

    But still. Just for can-flipping alone (not to mention other exciting forms of unexpected salvage) this will be awesome.

    “Suddenly, out of nowhere, this guy shows up in an Indy and grabbed my stuff! I never saw him coming!”

  3. Khader Khan says:

    I think the prowler has 2 high slots, including a launcher hardpoint. That would allow for some nice work. Time to train Minmatar?

  4. Marlenus says:

    Minmatar Industrial LVL 4 training now. But, looking at the dates, I think you figured this out before I did. Thanks for the suggestion!

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