After a month of being too busy for EVE and another month of moving house plus annoying travel stuff, I got back into the game to find out it was time for new projects. Faction warfare from the Caldari perspective had (has) degenerated into a game of “find some targets”, with no regular fleet combat happening due to the general pointlessness of it all. Worse yet, my favorite people to fly with have all left the Caldari Militia to pursue other projects in other places.

On the upside, the batch of high-quality scoundrels at Suddenly Ninjas has finally gotten their act together (sorta) and formed an alliance of like-minded corps. Since their methods and mine share certain commonalities, I’ve long thought it would be fun to be allied with them, and they attract just enough war declarations to keep life interesting. One quick Evemail to Tchell Dahhn (we’ve discussed the possibility before) and the deed was done!

TEARS (stands for Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service) looks to be in an organize-and-expand sort of phase, one the less charitable might term “getting our shit together”. That’s fine with me, considering that Ironfleet has always been a very loose collection of loners anyway. There aren’t many alliances that could tolerate the enemies a salvage corporation tends to accumulate, but TEARS is up to the job!

Updates as events warrant.

3 Responses to “Ironfleet Joins TEARS Alliance”

  1. threeDspider says:

    Sad to see you leave, although Caldari FW has been dying for a while now so its no surprise. I still have hopes that CCP will introduce some new overpowered reward mechanics that will drive the old corps back to fw (Taco, Steel, Achmed, etc.) Ahh well, ill keep reading if you keep posting :)

  2. Rooker says:

    The people on the Gallente side never got their act back together? It’s been 2 months since I could play EVE and it was hard then to find anybody to shoot at.

    If I ever come back, maybe I’ll join the Gallente to give the Caldari something interesting to shoot at ;)

  3. Marlenus says:

    Yeah, without a reward mechanism FW can’t really thrive — CCP missed the boat when they said “the combat is the reward.” It’s hard to see how the people with the best player-driven economy on the market failed to grok that people want to be fighting for something. Since they didn’t put in any economic rewards and didn’t make the system ownership mean anything in larger game terms, everybody I know in FW eventually decided the whole thing was pointless.

    It was a lot of fun while it lasted, and I hope it comes back. But CCP hasn’t had a word to say about fixing it, in fact they seem happy with it. Pity.

    So now I’ll have to see what sort of trouble I can stir up with a cloak-warping blockade runner.

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