So, there’s a guy in a belt, one YoriBeerminson, and he’s Retriever mining into a Badger II, using a Giant Secure Container for a transfer can. Pretty safe from salvagers, yeah?

Except, he’s got combat drones out for the rats. And he’s got some rat wrecks about. Any chance he’ll do something foolish?

So I warp in and loot some rat wrecks. I’m flashy to him, but he doesn’t want to play. No surprise.

Just for giggles, I check to see if he’s got a password on the transfer can. No. He doesn’t. So I snag the ore from the transfer can.

And I sit there for another cycle of his strip miners. He fills the transfer can again. I empty it. This is fun, and funny, although I’ll get bored soon. How long will it take him to catch on?

At the end of his next cycle, his lasers go quiet and there’s a long pause. Then the can window closes, and when I try to re-open it, I’m prompted for a password. He learns!

I tried “Marlenus Sucks” — but nothing.

So I fly away, and as I go, my Evemail flashes. Three Russian words from him: “будь здоров дятел”.

The first two words I know, they’re a blessing of sorts: “Be healthy.” I’m guessing he’s being sarcastic.

The last word is unknown to me. Google Translate suggests “woodpecker”, which gives me a hint. I’ll bet the slang meaning has more to do with the “pecker” and less to do with the “wood”. Can any Russian speakers confirm?

3 Responses to “Best Russian Wishes”

  1. Gorp says:

    будь здоров is “be healthy” it is also what you say when someone sneezes. So it is the equivalent of gesundheit or god bless. дятел is a woodpecker but is also slang for a male homosexual.

    Hmmmmm…. I don’t think he liked you :)

  2. Gorp says:

    I meant to add that будь здоров is also used in the context of saying ‘good bye’. Its more or less equivalent to “take care”.

  3. Marlenus says:

    Thank you Gorp! I was pretty sure he didn’t like me … but it’s always good to know exactly how much he didn’t like me.

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