It’s patch day, and although some are in the game and playing, there are a lot of people with patching problems. I’m one of those; and with limited bandwidth at my house, working through them is proving to be very slow. I’ll get there, but at best it’s still going to be three or four more hours.

So, I thought I’d start a post to compile whines from W-Space. The idea is to quote people who jumped through a wormhole, suffered some indignity or other, and immediately started whining about it. This post may be updated with more examples as the day proceeds. But, if I get a working patch, you can consider this diversion abandoned. ;-)

The first one I saw (source):

My other char went into a wormhole with an ally and had no probes on him and wen he jumpoed b4 me the wormhole collapsed.

Sorry but I have to ask have you thought this thro u expect me to pay to be stuk in a dead area of space ?

In this next thread, the Original Poster is stuck but being a good sport; it’s one of the responders who is butt-hurt:

Im so sorry to hear this mate! hope u find way out.. my fleet is also stuck… stupid CCP rule.. some cruel joke just for their satisfaction.. but it wont be funny for them when they get petitioned 10000000 times and when people start to quit EVE due to frustration

Aha! And here’s why — Butthurt-guy’s own thread, entitled “HELP – we are stuck in wormhole – 5 ships, full implant cha, no probes”:

We entered in fleet with our covert ops guy who probed the WH.. he left temporarily to go back to normal space and the WH collapsed soon afterwards trapping the rest of the fleet inside and with no probes nor anyway out!

We need an exit pls.. we dont want to delf destruct our main characters and best ships :(

Eve producers are gona get 100000 petitions …are they mad not providing a one way exit to normal space again!!!!

And one more, from a thread called The Horror W-Hole:

Next I head back to the wormhole I entered through to find it had closed. I thought it was going to be a problem. When I put together my Buzzard I had fitted it with the Core Probe Launcher and its corresponding Core Probes, they worked fantastic. I started to scan the system for wormholes, could find any. I ended up finding over 20 plexes…

So I started this at 3pm, I found the wormhole out of the system at 11pm. Not cool. So I finally feel a sense of relief, only to find out the new wormhole takes me to another unknown system. Not cool. So I continued to probe while being bored out of my mind to no avail. Finally at 12:30am (yes 9 1/2 hours later), I ejected from my beautiful ship and podded myself. That was a long 2 minutes…

I never want to see that scanning system again, its like a horrid mini-game that yields nothing but misery after 9 hours of constant use.

5 Responses to “Whining In W-Space”

  1. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" says:

    Hey keep posting these! I enjoy laughing at their demise!

    Thanks! Silly noobs.

  2. threeDspider says:

    took me 5 and a half hours to get my eve patched up (super paranoid for that last half an hour, banned everyone in the house from downloading anything lest it screwed it up)

    Only whine i have (or had) was the whole ‘stuck in jita’ thing that took me about 40 or so mins of waiting for stuck petition to get answered and fixed and how awful the server was handling the influx of people just after downtime and how could ccp let something like this happen! But i didn’t post anything on GD so i guess it doesn’t count :)

  3. Lei Merdeau says:

    I’m so lucky, was patched and repatched by 12 UMT. Makes up for having shutdown in my prime gaming time.

  4. Leumas says:

    I’m with Tony. Keep posting the whines, they are hilarious. If they had even read one devblog about wormholes, they shoudl have known it was possible (and intentional) that they would get stuck.

  5. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" says:


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