Most of the people in TEARS are also in Suddenly Ninjas. And they are a good buncha boys. Even this guy I’m about to distance myself from, usually.


TEARS is all about salvaging in other people’s missions. We are — for better or worse — strongly affected by the new probing system.

Me, I’m a huge enthusiast of the new system. It’s harder, but better. I have more control. I can find things that previously were not worth the trouble. And it’s nineteen times less boring and more fun. (Yes, nineteen. I measured.)

Unfortunately, some people don’t like change. And, when you force change upon them, they become disgruntled. And they whine.

But still. TEARS. Tears Extraction And Relocation Service. We are supposed to thrive upon the tears of our victims, not contribute tears to the pool. Crying is beneath us.

Which is why this post by Dotard of Suddenly Ninjas makes me (and it’s a new feeling I don’t like very much) feel ashamed to be in the same alliance:

Title: new probing system

Sucks monkeyballs. Whoever came up with this idea needs to be shot, quartered, deficated upon and shot again.


That is all.

Yuck. Eww. Icky. Lame.

Unworthy of a Ninja. Unworthy of a TEARS member.

Doesn’t help that he can’t spell defecated. (Son, don’t write dirty words on walls, if you can’t spell.)

But worse — much worse — is that cowardly forum meme of wishing real-world harm on someone and then (in the lamest of lame attempts to pretend otherwise to avoid a warning or ban for breaking forum rules) adding the “ingame” qualifier.

Unworthy. Dotard, you can do better. You should do better.

9 Responses to “Whining In My Alliance”

  1. Paul Clavet says:

    You couldn’t have posted your rebuke in the forums instead of on your blog for all the world to see?

    I agree with you, but this isn’t the best way to deal with it.

  2. Casiella Truza says:

    Very disappointing indeed.

    I will fuel my next probe with his tears.

  3. Paul Clavet says:

    I partially retract my statement… I did not click on your link, and thought that Dotard had posted that in the private forums of Suddenly Ninjas.

  4. Marlenus says:

    Paul, since he whined in public, casting us all into disrepute, and then managed to get the thread locked (as it should have been) before I saw it, posting my repudiation in public was the only option I could see.

    I don’t have access to the SN part of the private forums, just the TEARS part. And I rarely go there because of Tchell’s fetish for dark-grey-on-black text, it’s very hard for me to read and navigate.

  5. Mynxee says:

    Good on you for calling people to task for being ridiculous. Some people are just lazy. He should suck it up, undock, and figure it out. It is NOT difficult, just different. An hour of attention to the task, he’ll be a long way toward getting it. He’s being lazy. I agree with you, the new mechanics are vastly better.

  6. MalphasWats says:

    I love the new probing system, I enjoy probing now (I really never got on with the “old way”, pretty much found bugger all too) and rather perversely, I’m enjoying all of the forum whines about it (had a chance to read some today what with all the clusterfuck*).

    I love that the vast majority of the people whining probably haven’t even loaded a probe into a launcher yet. I’m not even sure why – normally that kind of assgoblinry gives me forum rage and I keep away.

    I found a wormhole yesterday, I went in, I killed me some sleepers (solo) and I got me a cargohold of lovely sleeper salvage – it sure looks purdy!

    For me, Apocrypha sorts the men from the boys.

    *actually what it was – the cluster is fucked, glee!

  7. Raelyf says:

    The new probing system is fantastic. The old system relied on chance, time, and an absolutely ridiculous set of bookmarks – the new system relies mainly on how well and how quickly I can position my probes. Previously, I shied away from actually flying my covops unless there was no one else to volunteer – but now I’m more than happy to bring it out.

    One thing I’ve noticed though? It’s incredibly attention demanding. Generally, I read, browse forums and blogs, fiddle with EFT, eat, talk on the phone and msn, ect, ect, ect. while I play EVE. Even while I’m looking for targets, I can usually find ample time for such things. Before, probing was 2-3minutes of waiting – a perfect opportunity to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, whatever. Now? I tried to eat and probe. It just can’t be done. I can hardly watch the directional scanner while I probe.

  8. Marlenus says:

    Raelyf, we are in full agreement about the new probing system. I say, anything that can grab my attention so thoroughly is obviously a game design win. The “best” feature of the old system was that I could catch up on the forums while I used it, which — while handy — is a terrible things in game design terms.

  9. Gherkinman says:

    Since I’m suffering a case of insomnia at 4 in the morning, I’d like to take the time here to make a comment on the reprehensible quality of 90% of social interaction on the internet.

    I’m not taking a stab at anyone in particular here but, in my opinion, people view the internet as what it is: A virtually consequence free forum where anything goes. And that wouldn’t such a bad situation if so many people didn’t take advantage of it. At least most people I encounter on the internet abuse the ability to badmouth, put down, or just generally piss off anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    I won’t say I’ve never pissed anyone off, or said/written anything I didn’t later regret ( I mean, it’s 4:00 AM, come on) but at least I usually take the time to consider the fact that I’m talking to real people, not a computer program.

    One thing I particularly like about this blog, and, if I may venture to say so, a major component of it’s success, is that it’s authors always conduct themselves in a professional manor behind the keyboard. Which is less than I can say about some of my past acquaintances.

    The fact that you take the time on this blog to provide some accountability and perhaps even some consequence, albeit minor, for acting a fool on the internet is nothing short of a public service, keep up the good work.

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