Yesterday at about 22:00 gametime, I was done playing in Greater Mars for the day and I had, again, scanned down and identified every signature, and killed any guards at the gravimetric sites. There were eight gravimetric sites, one ladar site, and two wormholes in system, for eleven total signatures.

Today, about 18:00 gametime, there are twelve total signatures, and one of yesterday’s wormholes is gone. I visited all nine gravimetric and ladar sites that were present yesterday, found them all still present, with zero Sleeper respawns. I would expect to find at least one new wormhole when I begin to probe. The “new” sig may be a third wormhole or (more probably) a new gravimetric site — although, of course, I’m hoping for one of the rare Radar sites or a Magnetometric site (which I have yet to see one of).

3 Responses to “More On W-Space Respawns”

  1. Manasi says:

    I have yet to see a damned radar site either…… grrr where are they hiding?

  2. Marlenus says:

    I was unclear — I’ve seen two Radar sites but no Mag sites. The radar sites spawned one day apart — after I killed the first one, I found another one (identical) the next day.

  3. Squizz Caphinator says:

    I’ve seen both Mag. and Radar sites while exploring wormholes, but since I usually go through with a just a Crow (core probe launcher) I can’t do much against the sleepers.

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