Jim Bridger here.

Just a quick battle report from 0.0 for my high sec friends. Tonight I was in the best fight of my EVE life, and got on the killmail for a Titan.

I’m going to leave the politics entirely out of this report. You can find that other places. I expect ISD will have a news report tomorrow, and there will probably be a COAD thread soon if there isn’t one already.

I’m sitting in a station when word comes in that a neighboring alliance has come into our system with a fleet of about ten battleships and is sitting outside our station. Our FC scrambles a handful of people to respond from one system over, while he and I and a few others undock to engage the battleships and get them aggressed and bubbled.

I was in a Drake and our repping was largely armor. So, predictably, my Drake was first primaried, and popped quickly. I was not podded, and managed to redock.

Meanwhile, our fleet was wiping the floor with the invaders.

Then their falcon uncloaked about 80 kilometers away from the station. Just as I’m undocking in a Blackbird (it was handy), there arose a mighty and unexpected shout: “Holy shit, an Erebus!” A moment later: “And an Avatar!” Yup, there were two Titans on the field.

Well, if that didn’t make the shit hit the fan. You have no idea. Our FC began shouting all kinds of orders. Bubbles were ordered, communications systems were activated, allies were alerted, everybody within twenty jumps who might possibly be interested in cooperating with us for a few minutes to get on this killmail was summoned. All this was a bit above my pay grade; I jammed the Falcon (who still had a cyno up), motored over to it, and helped kill it. Then I went to get in a battleship.

By the time I got back, things were getting hot and heavy. There was a lot of screaming and shouting. By now there are three enemy carriers on the field in addition to the two Titans. But we’ve got them all surrounded by a huge swathe of bubbles, we’ve destroyed every shred of support, and we are popping every hostile cyno ship just as fast as it appears. I am not really a battleship pilot (my large gun skills are lacking) so I’m in a half-assed T1-fit artillery Typhoon set up to support some recent alliance sovereignty ops.

We are popping carriers. Slowly. It’s exciting. Enemy support shows up now and again, has to be dealt with. We are taking losses from Titan guns and smartbombs, the hostile carrier fighters are doing some damage, but bottom line, we are holding the field and cleaning up. Alliance mates and friendlies keep pouring in. We keep pouring on the fire.

When the last carrier pops, both Titan pilots logged out. Then it got real exciting, as the cry went up to bring all capitals to the field, put everything in siege mode, overload all guns, pour max damage on the Avatar, and try to kill in the fifteen minutes before its logoffski could save it.

Here is a picture of the Avatar under fire, courtesy of one of the corps in our Alliance:

Surprisingly little enemy support showed up during the 15 minutes. It was very close, but we killed the Titan with 54 seconds to spare. I burned out my guns near the end, but I wound up showing up on the killmail with 1% of the damage (55,205 points to be precise). I am sharing the glory with 144 other people.

It was by far my best EVE fleet fight ever. Not only was it my first Titan killmail, I got on three carrier killmails (also my first ever) and got the final flow on the Falcon that brought in the Titans. Plus, I got on quite a few other killmails for the night, and all I lost was the initial Drake. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in an EVE fleet.

P.S. The looting and salvage was excellent, although I did not personally get my salvager onto any of the capital wrecks. (Picture me making a sad panda face.)

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