Ironfleet has always maintained that we are just in the ore hauling business for, you know, the ore. And back in the day, I hauled a lot of ore. But these days, genuine jet can miners are hard to find; the Orca, hauler alts, and cheap cargo rigs offer too many alternatives.

There’s always that one guy, though. Today, it was Capo Kicx, a sixteen-month veteran of the game and the junior member of the 2-person Kicx Family corp [KICX]. He was mining in a Hulk, flying Tech II combat drones, and had accumulated two full jetcans of assorted ores.

Well, that would not do. I had to flip that ore into Ironfleet cans. I really thought that might get me a combat reaction, and perhaps it would have. Except, Capo suffered a disconnection, and warped off without his drones.

I salvaged them.

Eventually Capo got back on line, and his Hulk returned. In space you cannot hear the screams of “WTF, where are my drones?” But still they scream.

Then he docked, and did not return. I got to scrounging in my assets, and discovered that I had an ancient dusty Bustard in this sytem, placed here years ago for just this sort of eventuality. It was fully cargo-expanded, so even without rigs (when I fitted this ships there were only large rigs, and they were oh-so-spendy!) it can haul a full jet can in one load. Two round trips and quick refine later, I was up 4.5 million easy ISK.

Just in it for the ore, I tell you!

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