So I was meandering the belts when I found a Hulk piloted by a three-year-old character, flying Tech I drones.

Probably no hope of getting a rise out of this guy, but he had several rat wrecks out, so I started my standard “clueless looter” routine.

After I cleared the first wreck, he pulled in his drones. That’s not a good sign of agression, darn it!

As I chundle toward the next wreck, he opens a convo. For a change of pace, I took it. This is what he had to say as I finished looting his wrecks. Note especially the dire threat he opens with, followed by his meek and timorous words when I called his bluff:

[20:16:46] Arclightuk > Fuck off or i will bring all levels of hell down on you
[20:16:52] Marlenus > You go boy
[20:17:00] Arclightuk > lol i like yiouyr spirit
[20:17:12] Marlenus > So scared of hulk pilots, I am
[20:17:25] Arclightuk > have you watched the pvp hulk on you tube?
[20:17:35] Marlenus > Yeah. You gonna do that to me?
[20:17:43] Arclightuk > ha ha you are in a badger!
[20:17:47] Arclightuk > type thing
[20:17:51] Marlenus > Take your best shot, big boy
[20:18:24] Arclightuk > you are ok, im not bothered if you loot
[20:18:37] Arclightuk > im too busy watching californication
[20:18:39] Marlenus > LOL, than why all the threats of hell and damnation?
[20:18:54] Arclightuk > i thought it sounded scarey
[20:19:04] Arclightuk > us care bears like that sort of thing
[20:19:10] Marlenus > Heh. One last chance, you want to shoot at the helpless badger before I warp out?
[20:19:24] Arclightuk > no your good. loot all you want buddy
[20:19:34] Marlenus > ciao
[20:19:40] Arclightuk > cheers

He huffed and he puffed, but he didn’t blow my house down! {sadface}

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