Not lost, actually … just very displaced from anywhere I’ve ever been.

I’ve been slowly diving through w-space, looking for poorly-secured goods and incautious players. Today I find myself in an uninhabited C5 hole with a static connection to another C5.

I decided to drop through a hole into nullsec to look for trouble and fun. Found myself in H-YHYM, in a region I’ve never heard of (Esoteria) under the sovereignty of a Romanian alliance (Romanian-Legion, ticker ATAK) which is a thing I didn’t even know EVE had.

Damn, this game is big.

4 Responses to “Lost In Space”

  1. Planetary Genocide says:

    Haha, for a moment I thought you’d gotten stuck in a WH somewhere… I think the Romanian Legion was in the last Alliance Tournament, the announcers kept having trouble pronouncing their name because it was in Romanian

  2. Calfis says:

    Romanian Legion started as a Romanian alliance but is full of players from all over today, including the US. They are part of the Stainwagon coalition of southern alliances led by Against ALL Authorities and Cascade Imminent. They can be spotted in gangs of 500 (mixed alliance blob) with super capital support when doing srs internet spaceship bns.

  3. Bill says:

    You were lucky most of the alliance was away on a booty call(CTA), usually visitors to that pocket are insta-blobbed :))

  4. Marlenus says:

    Yeah, it was abandoned … I checked out three systems and never found a soul.

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