When I finally escaped from the Klein-bottle wormhole system, I dropped into Amar high sec in devoid. Whilst having a glance around, I found an offline pinata research dickstar POS — my guess is, it’s kept offline and only brought up in time of war.

Only, the corporate hangar array was not anchored.

Now, I’m not fully versed on how arrays work. I know that when you blow them up, they have a chance of dropping stuff that’s inside. And I think I know that if you blow up a control tower, anchored mods will come unanchored, can be scooped with a hauler, and can be repackaged in a station like secure containers — whereupon any loot will fall out, with no risk of loss.

What I don’t know, though, is whether you can deliberately unanchor an array that’s got stuff in it — or whether this hangar array had to be empty when it was dropped or unanchored in the place I found it.

No matter, for an array worth 15 million ISK, I’ll go buy a Badger and haul that puppy into a station.

Which I did. Of course I watched with great interest as it repackaged, but nothing fell out.

Oh well … it was still a fast 15 million.

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  1. Druur Monakh says:

    If the module was not anchored, it is essentially compressed and can’t hold stuff inside. If I remember correctly, unanchoring a module always destroys all its contents, so the only chance to get a drop is to pop the module while it’s anchored.

    Which makes harvesting research POSes so interesting: do you unanchor the labs and go for the guaranteed (low) market price, or do you blow them up in the hope that maybe a researched BPO falls out?

  2. Marlenus says:

    Ah. I did have some uncertainty about whether unanchored modules could hold stuff; thank you for clearing it up and disabusing me of my notion that they might.

    I’ve seen several vulnerable research POS in high-sec that have tempted me to do a quick war dec, but my thinking is always “there’s no reason for the BPOs to be in the labs in hi sec, so it’s a waste of time unless there are juicy corp hangars and such also.” And then the little voice on my other shoulder says “but people are STUPID, so you might find goodies anyway!”

  3. Planetary Genocide says:

    Listen to the other shoulder… people are STUPID.

  4. Marlenus says:

    I know, I know.

    I tend to consistently overestimate the enemy in this game — it’s a habit I learned when I was a nub and it grows increasingly unrealistic the longer I play. ;-)

  5. Druur Monakh says:

    It has been done: http://www.andrewmartens.com/History%20of%20Flipmode.pdf

  6. Marlenus says:

    Nice! I know it’s a popular sport, but I haven’t heard of it being done on quite that scale. Thanks for the link.

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