So I dropped out of W-space in some very empty NPC nullsec in the Stain region. There wasn’t a lot going on, but I went exploring for undefended towers and more wormholes. And in this one system (A-SAX0 if you want to go see it for yourself) I found something peculiar.

I’d already zipped about to take a d-scan inventory of the system, and found it entirely free of towers. So you’ll imagine my interest when 26 structures popped up when I launched a probe.

At first I had visions of all the fittings for a deathstar POS, abandoned loose in space somewhere for complicated logistical reasons. But soon my probing made it clear these were warp disruptor bubbles, all in the same place. Was I probing down the world’s largest rapecage, placed at a safespot for no obvious reason?

Not even that. Eventually I found this:

break out the bubbly

What you are looking at is 27 anchored small warp disruptor bubbles, aligned in a widely spaced grid, with one extra off to the side. What is it for? I have no idea. But somebody took a lot of time to build it!

5 Responses to “Strange Things Found In Stain”

  1. Lhotse says:

    Quite a few WH corps do this. Bubbles end up taking up precious space in corp hangars, so people would often create bubble “farms” to store them. Typically, they will grab them when a new WH opens and either place it on the WH itself (probably not in this case, since they are smalls) or created drags bubbles between existing exits and sites.

    Worked well back in the days when you couldn’t probe them down. (which just recently changed)

  2. Lhotse says:

    Haha — forgot this was when you dropped out of the WH into Stain. Was it a pipe system? maybe someone likes to camp a lot of bubbles. (Feel free to delete my first post) :)

  3. Marlenus says:

    Nope, dead-end system with a station in it.

  4. Flashfresh says:

    It looks quite nice – I probably would have blown them up to be honest!

  5. Marlenus says:

    Yeah, I considered it. But ammo is tight when you’re flying a wandering wormhole bomber, and I was a long way from resupply.

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