I’ll do a big post later on all the reasons, if I ever decide I care enough to take the time. But as of today, I’ve canceled all three EVE subscriptions. Here’s what I posted in the reasons box:

5 year veteran, unsubscribing 3 accounts because:

1) Persistent failure to balance, update, and iterate on old content.

2) Cannot operate multiple clients without turning off new Captains Quarters station environment.

3) No new game functionality in recent patch to replace the functionality lost.

5) Complete pants-on-headedness of new micro(mega)transaction store.

6) Utter loss of faith that the old EVE, the spaceship game, will every get the attention it needs to survive and thrive.

7) I am beginning to believe that CCP/EVE had now committed itself to an unretrievable failcascade.

It was a good five years. I used to think I’d play EVE forever. I’m sad that won’t be happening. But thanks for all the fish.

Right now I’m playing World of Tanks, but that’s not going to last more than weeks, or maybe months. Battlefield 3 is coming.

Will I be back to EVE? Dunno. Right now it looks like they are going to gut the game in pursuit of microtransaction riches. There might be a party on the way down, with tons of goodies flying around in the possession of rich newbie idiots — and I can see a role for Ironfleet in that decline.

Or, they might come to their senses and start fixing all the stuff that’s been neglected over the last few years…

Yeah. Me neither.

4 Responses to “Thanks For All The Fish”

  1. Planetary Genocide says:

    Even if EVE turns to shit, I’ll be watching in the hope that it somehow becomes good again…

  2. Marlenus says:

    Yeah. I’ve got enough ISK to buy a few Plexes; and I doubt I’ll stop reading blogs and forums about life in EVE. So the odds are good that I’ll reactive at least one account some time in the future to see how things are progressing.

    But right now I can’t imagine ever again having three accounts on credit cards set to rebill automatically every three months, like I did until this morning.

  3. Planetary Genocide says:

    yeah, same. I”m most likely going to cancel my recurring billing, buy up all the plexes I can, and just sit there and wait… either a PLEX for GOOD comes up and i’ll donate them using the four hour reactivation window, or EVE turns good again and I”ll resub with the plex.

  4. Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" says:

    I agree.

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