Remember how dear sweet Chebri used to complain about Ironfleet “lies” at the drop of the hat, whenever she disagreed with the Ironfleet version of events? ( example example example example )

Given the close association between Duckeye and Chebri, I was therefore amused by the following exchange. I wrote awhile back:

A long time ago, in the time of The Great INDY War, I had a random war dec from a guy named Duckeye who never showed up. It was right after the INDY alliance called off AC-ME’s dog Chebri, and there were anonymous commenters in this post who suggested a Duckeye / Chebri connection, but it was never confirmed.

I did later confirm that Duckeye is a shared account, because I station camped him for awhile during factional warfare (he was flying for the Gallente scum) and we had a cordial chat during which he utterly failed to remember ever having declared war on Ironfleet, blaming his “little brother” who “played the account for a couple of weeks”. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious nonsense, but it’s the sort of nonsense you’ll get from account sharers who don’t want to be too open about it.

I got three things wrong in that; it was actually Jim Bridger who had the conversation with Duckeye, Duckeye did remember making the war declaration, and it turns out to have been “a friend” who was sharing Duckeye’s account. So, my account wasn’t perfect. But, in a comment, Duckeye showed up and called the story “bull”, on other grounds that make no sense at all:

I like the bull he talks about near the beginning though, because the only time I ever played with faction warfare was when the devs were testing it on singularity half a year ago, thats when I shot CCP Greyscale when he was in his ragnarok… hell my gallente standing is under -2.00, and thats all crap from a year and a half ago when I did missions for Caldari Navy as a mainstay like your everyday Joe, couldn’t participate in Gallente FW even if I wanted to.

I don’t even have a little brother, and I definately don’t talk in local when I decide not to undock because I just minimize eve and boot up another game, it’s fun to waste the campers time instead because they sit outside like retards.

But like I said, nothin but love. He sure tries hard, I’ll give him that.

I guess Duckeye knows something about bull all right, because Jim Bridger still has the chat log:

Channel ID: ((‘solarsystemid2′, 30001376),)
Channel Name: Local
Listener: Jim Bridger

Session started: 2008.06.25 07:07:39

[ 2008.06.25 07:17:02 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Nourvukaiken Local Channel
[ 2008.06.25 07:37:37 ] scout505 > caution, gate campers in tama
[ 2008.06.25 07:37:51 ] scout505 > lots of em
[ 2008.06.25 07:44:23 ] Duckeye > YAY CALDARI, GO CALDARI!!
[ 2008.06.25 07:46:02 ] Jim Bridger > Duckeye! Finally a war you show up for!
[ 2008.06.25 07:46:10 ] Duckeye > do I know you
[ 2008.06.25 07:46:20 ] Jim Bridger > LOL, you declared war on my corp once, but never showed up
[ 2008.06.25 07:46:36 ] Jim Bridger > For your friend Chebri I believe, but that was never clear
[ 2008.06.25 07:47:22 ] Duckeye > ah, yeah, I was going to help but my computer broke basically the same friggen and was out for a couple of weeks, I let a friend play on my account for awhile
[ 2008.06.25 07:47:32 ] Jim Bridger > Ah, happens
[ 2008.06.25 07:48:00 ] Duckeye > seems like it happens too often
[ 2008.06.25 07:51:12 ] Duckeye > I’ve found that the caldarians are pretty damn bored, was taking a complex by myself and was responded with 14 ships
[ 2008.06.25 07:51:35 ] Jim Bridger > LOL, we like to travel in groups. ;-)
[ 2008.06.25 07:51:52 ] Duckeye > noticed, you guys are built pretty much to be in gangs
[ 2008.06.25 07:51:53 ] Jim Bridger > I swear some of the boys outside in Tama can’t even beat off unless they are in a circle
[ 2008.06.25 07:52:48 ] Jim Bridger > I was running around in Gallente high sec in a rocket kestrel, but I did not find any unescorted pods. :(
[ 2008.06.25 07:53:02 ] Duckeye > you guys should probably head down to minmatar-land, they seem to be stomping on the amarr
[ 2008.06.25 07:53:35 ] Jim Bridger > Let ’em stop, I say! I went on a fleet expedition to help our Amarrian “brothers”, they were rude and condescending and got us all killed
[ 2008.06.25 07:53:44 ] Jim Bridger > Er, make that “let ’em stomp”
[ 2008.06.25 07:54:05 ] Duckeye > wouldn’t doubt it, they lost a paladin on the first day
[ 2008.06.25 07:54:25 ] Jim Bridger > They can’t decide what coms to use, so they never have an entire fleet on the same voice coms
[ 2008.06.25 07:56:45 ] Duckeye > you’d be surprised how off guard a lot of people are, all you need to do is hop into a stealth bomber and cruise around enemy safesec and catch ships autopiloting around
[ 2008.06.25 07:57:31 ] Jim Bridger > I am not an SB pilot yet, but I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of that
[ 2008.06.25 07:59:42 ] Duckeye > granted, sitting in a system with 50 war targets is interesting
[ 2008.06.25 07:59:55 ] Jim Bridger > We make it as interesting as we can! ;-)

PWNED by the logs!

Admittedly I’ve made my own mistakes of memory on this blog, but how do you forget participating in faction warfare?

13 Responses to “The Logs, They Call Bullshit”

  1. Duckeye says:

    Wasn’t with the gallente, the minmatar have kill rights on the caldarians too if I remember correctly… it’s not really being “dock camped” when you voluntarily go into an enemies most populated safesec system that is involved in FW (Nourvukiaken, right next to Tama… hence the 50 WT’s) for fun.

    I basically spent the day trying to figure out if there were any holes that I could exploit through the FW system, like the stealth bomber in enemy caldari safesec… by the end of 24 hours I was allready dropping out of FW, actually popped a few gallente and minmatar FW members as I was leaving, if I recall correctly… then I went back to doing my own thing, to me thats not participating in FW because I try anything new that CCP puts into the game and then try to find a way to exploit it… if what I find isn’t good enough, I skip it and don’t give it a second thought. I did the same thing with exploration and invention.

    I pull the “I was gone and let someone play on my computer” routine if I don’t remember who I’m talking to or if I don’t want to necessarily yet take public responsibility for what I’ve done, in this case it’d be the first… I didn’t even remember your name or corp name until it was pointed out to me in private during the whole “bathtub” thing. Hell the only reason I found this blog was because I googled my own name.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Eh, Jim and a few others (including Murdock Jones if I recall) had a fleet waiting for you outside the station for about half an hour, I’d call that being camped in even if you never knew about it.

    In Nourv we mostly saw Gallente, hence that assumption.

  3. Duckeye says:

    They camped me in enemy FW safesec for thirty minutes without me knowing about it, congrats.

  4. Marlenus says:

    Er, I think you missed the point. It was merely a factual refutation of your denial, not a claim of glorious military accomplishment.

  5. Duckeye says:

    Then why are you pointing out things that don’t matter? Trying to define whether or not I’m being dock camped as a refutation of denial rather than it actually meaning something since I didn’t even know, or care, that I was being “camped”? Really, it’s that important? Even if you wern’t trying to one-up me and try to get the last word, if I walked up to you in real life and told you that my sock had a blue stripe and it turned out to be really red, wtf does it matter? Is there a point your trying to associate all of this with beyond “LOOK MOMMY, I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF!!”?

    There is a reason why we are holding this conversation on a public blog rather than in private through some definately quicker means, there is a touch of ego on both sides and it’s a tone that can’t exactly be ignored so don’t try to excuse it for anything else, your not the only arrogant person in EVE. I can at least admit that fact.

    Then again I guess someone could walk in here and sum it all up with “Quit bitchin about who’s epeen is bigger”.

  6. Michan Yu says:

    I dont know about you….. But i would personally like to see a battle in game around this… As funny as it is to watch this verbal battle continue, i would like to see:

    1 vs 1 pvp battle, choose ship class and ship type and you both must agree.. Looser walks away head between his legs and winner can rightfully claim on here once and for all who has the biggest ePeen.


  7. Marlenus says:

    Duckeye, there is indeed a reason we are holding this conversation on a public blog. It’s the propoganda arm of, where I talk about my victories and defeats, and memorialize the behavior (good and bad) of my enemies. Yes, that sometimes includes (mostly gentle) mockery when I consider it appropriate.

    I posted something about your behavior. You called my post “bull” and made an elaborately false and lightly mocking denial. I posted logs. The extent of your own “bull” became evident.

    Your response to that, I find curious. You began to suggest that the facts weren’t really the facts because they weren’t of great military importance. I’m happy to grant the military insignificance of the facts, but they remain important with respect to my purpose in posting them, which was to illuminate your credibility (or lack thereof).

    You’re sorely mistaken to think this is about e-peen. It — and almost every mention of my enemies on this blog — is about long-term reputation. People underestimate the power of their reputation, and they seriously underestimate the danger of having ephemeral negative-reputational behavior fixed and on the web for future searchers to discover.

    You will almost certainly scoff at the idea that having your “bull” exposed for future EVE players to see will harm you in any way. No worries. I find it valuable enough to make the posts and comments; that’s part of how I play EVE. Some people fight with spaceships; I fight with words also. It’s what I do.

    You ask: “Why are you pointing out things that don’t matter?” You’re right on one level; it doesn’t matter that you got camped in a station for a trivial amount of time. But when I said you did, you denied it. If it was so trivial, why the false denial? Anyway, after the logs were posted, you said “They camped me in enemy FW safesec for thirty minutes without me knowing about it, congrats” in a sarcastic effort to distract reader attention from the matter at issue — that you’d been caught in the false denial. The underlying events don’t matter, but your failed effort to mock Ironfleet with untruths? That’s fun to keep pointing out.

    Basically, you got caught bullshitting, so you’re trying to change the subject. Good luck with that.

  8. Marlenus says:

    Michan, I appreciate the input, but as you’ll see in my response to Duckeye, the verbal battle is important to me for several reasons. A random fight wouldn’t advance any of my goals in EVE, whether I won or lost. Blogging about the misbehaviors of my enemies does, at least in some slight and marginal way. Or, so I see it.

  9. Duckeye says:

    Elaborately false? The only point that “isn’t true” was the fact that I tested FW for one day near release, which is basically a difference in definition on whether or not I actually participated… and that TOTALLY discredits EVERYTHING I say and just shatters my reputation, right?. Other then that, you are assuming things… and thats hilarious since it seems to have a nack for biting you in the ass when you have to go back and go “Oh yeah, it was actually jim bridger that sat outside his dock, I never had the convo with him, and the word ‘brother’ didn’t appear once”… which is what I called out to being bull, since the three things that you got wrong and admitted made up damn near all of the second paragraph. I don’t know why your trying to catch me in a lie when it’s you who got it wrong in the first place. I never said your entire blog was bull, I said “near the beginning”, I’m talking about that second paragraph.

    Keep lookin for lies with paranoid eyes all you want because you won’t find anything, I got nothing to hide. If you think that Duck is a shared account then thats your problem, it’s not hard to see that my typing style is constant.

    BTW, worrying on long-term reputation IS epeen, pride in reputation is connected to ego because it’s all attached to self-esteem and trying to give ourselves a sense of purpose. -(“You will almost certainly scoff at the idea that having your “bull” exposed for future EVE players to see will harm you in any way. No worries. I find it valuable enough to make the posts and comments”)

    Keep giving yourself a sense of purpose, I sure enjoyed it. There isn’t anything here that refutes anything that I’ve said, and once you resort to “He reacted in a bit of an aggressive manner, HE MUST BE HIDING SOMETHING!!” methods, it’s over.

    If anyone thats been reading along has a problem with me and wants to do something about it, look for me in game, I’ll be waiting.

  10. Marlenus says:

    You devoted most of a paragraph to a false denial of participation in FW, I’d call that “elaborately false” given that you actually did participate in some depth (plexing and enemy high-sec runs at least).

    The rest of it, I think, is repetition of points I’ve already answered.

  11. Soronova says:

    I do so enjoy reading this site. It’s just not the same when you take your extended RL breaks Marlenus. Please do try to minimize these if at all possible!

  12. Marlenus says:

    Heh, I’ll try to avoid it. With a big expansion coming, shouldn’t be a problem — I’m not feeling any EVE burnout coming at the moment.

    Glad you enjoy the blog!

  13. Some Random 0.0 PvPer says:

    Didn’t really need much more of a character reference than “the only reason I found this blog was because I googled my own name.”

    Oh how we loled, I still have the bruise on my hip from my sudden dethroning due to an outburst of hysterical laughing befitting of such Irony :)

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