In the last couple of weeks there’s been a substantial decline in visitors to Greater Mars. I figure, the w-space novelty has worn off, the deadliness has been discovered, and the loot (especially the T3 parts) hasn’t turned out to be excessively valuable, especially before widespread T3 production gets ramped up.

Still, I like it here. And there’s not really a lot of extra resources in Greater Mars to share with tourists. Which means, I tend to treat tourists as just one more salvageable resource. And if they aren’t quite ready for salvaging, well… that’s what heavy missiles are for, right?

2009.04.16 19:29:00

Victim: Devon Cys
Corp: Stone Shadow Syndicate
Alliance: Sylph Alliance
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Imicus
System: J235321
Security: 0.0
Damage Taken: 573

Involved parties:

Name: Marlenus (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.2
Corp: Ironfleet Towing And Salvage
Alliance: Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Faction: NONE
Ship: Caracal
Weapon: Scourge Heavy Missile
Damage Done: 573

Destroyed items:

Core Scanner Probe I, Qty: 4
Core Scanner Probe I, Qty: 3 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Core Probe Launcher I
Core Scanner Probe I, Qty: 154 (Cargo)
Deep Space Scanner Probe I, Qty: 3 (Cargo)

Today’s pilgrim showed up a planet while I was testing the new scanning features. He stayed there while I:

1) I scanned him down to 100%;
2) Warped to him to observe him;
3) Bookmarked him;
4) Returned to the POS operated by the Empress of Greater Mars;
5) Swapped into a combat ship;
6) Warped back;
7) Locked him with a cruiser;
8) Blew him to hell.

I realize it’s tough to keep moving while you scan when you’re in a non-cloaking astrometrics frigate, but jeebers, this ain’t Empire! It’s not safe to park at a planet.

Update: I didn’t notice until later, but after Devon warped away in his pod, he wrote one word in local: “ass”. Of course, I couldn’t say whether he was describing himself or trying to smack-talk me.

6 Responses to “Snoops Go Home”

  1. Tom Hoffman says:

    If you enjoyed that, come down to Catch. Sylph pilots don’t get any smarter in k-space.

  2. Elohim Alera says:

    Sounds like a more accurate description of himself. If someone’s that dumb, they can’t really call others names.
    Too bad he didn’t bring you anything good, like Sister’s probes.

  3. Mynxee says:

    LOL! I ♥ your sense of humor in writing about your life in New Eden :) What the heck was that guy thinking?! Again I say, LOL!

  4. Marlenus says:

    Judging by his only utterance, maybe he was thinking about ass? ;-)

    Glad you enjoy the accounts, Mynxee; I worry sometimes when I’m blogging the trivial kills that there’s no way to make it worth the time to read. But in the end, I always decide that every explosion is precious and worthy in its own right.

  5. W-Space Dude says:

    Love Ironfleet, love the blog. Me and a buddy of mine are doing the POS in W space thing as well. Kind of funny I managed to catch 2 Cheetah’s + Pods today within 1 hour of each other in our W. Both of em had Cov Ops cloaks fitted and neither of em was using it. Keep up the adventures Marlenus. I’ll add to the “Notable Smacktalk” From one of my victims.

    “you got lucky and i got careless …. you better hope we dont meet again …..” hehe

  6. Marlenus says:

    Awesome. It takes about ten seconds to launch a stick of probes, and that’s the only time a covops should be uncloaked in w-space. What were your guys thinking? That’s not carelessness, it’s deadly complacency!

    This just proves what I’ve come to believe, which is that there’s a certain genius in the w-space game design. It’s arguably more dangerous than 0.0 with respect to individual ganks, yet something makes it feel safer and friendlier to many people, including people who should know better.

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