So I landed on zero in a belt next to a Badger II. He had a cargo can about 20km away. We raced.

He lost.

He commenced to whine in local. Amaya is a Hulk pilot who saw the race:

[18:31:52] Timeless eQuinox > fucking
[18:31:53] Timeless eQuinox > jew
[18:31:56] Timeless eQuinox > just took all my
[18:31:57] Timeless eQuinox > ore
[18:32:02] Marlenus > Oh, how lovely, a racist
[18:32:08] Timeless eQuinox > eat a dick
[18:32:10] Timeless eQuinox > bitch
[18:32:13] joydivisionn > racist…
[18:32:47] Marlenus > a racist misogynist no less
[18:32:49] joydivisionn > ban hammer…
[18:33:51] Amaya Mizumaki > he isn’t racist he is mocking you for religous beleifs not genetics
[18:34:09] joydivisionn > lol
[18:34:12] Amaya Mizumaki > and besides last i checked we were all humans so we are all one race
[18:34:29] joydivisionn > fucking jew is racist
[18:34:35] joydivisionn > he will be reported
[18:34:38] Timeless eQuinox > cool
[18:34:43] Timeless eQuinox > hes a fucking nigger also
[18:34:50] Marlenus > Thanks Joy, saves me the trouble
[18:34:54] Amaya Mizumaki > /emote shakes her head
[18:35:08] Amaya Mizumaki > your all idiots
[18:35:30] joydivisionn > hahaha
[18:36:07] joydivisionn > timeless is the idiot here
[18:36:34] Amaya Mizumaki > sorry ill stick with “your all”
[18:36:37] Timeless eQuinox > i rather be an idiot then a nigger/jew
[18:36:47] joydivisionn > see….
[18:36:48] Amaya Mizumaki > timeless stop
[18:36:54] Timeless eQuinox > like the Marlenus faggot
[18:37:02] joydivisionn > he proves his own idiotcy
[18:37:05] Marlenus > Racist and a homophobe, lol
[18:37:05] Amaya Mizumaki > /emote sighs
[18:37:20] Timeless eQuinox > whatever fuck this

And just like that, he logged.

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  1. Tomas says:

    Huh. I know that guy. Didn’t figure he was a dick. And i told him not too smacktalk for getting his ore stolen. Stupid.

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