Alternative post title: Fuck Me Asshat

Sometimes jet-can miners lose ore. As readers of this blog know, that can be painful, especially if they have poor impulse control or an anger management problem.

One very old-fashioned and somewhat inefficient solution to this problem is to anchor giant secure containers in the belts, and mine into those. (It’s inefficient because they are expensive, small in volume, and difficult to anchor in numbers due to minimum spacing requirements.)

The steps involved in doing this correctly are:

1) Anchor the can or cans.

2) Set a password on the can or cans.

3) Mine into the can or cans.

Fail any of these steps, and you may lose stuff. For example, fail at step 1 and I’ll scoop your cans.

Failing step two is rare, but it does happen. Interestingly, taking ore from an anchored can with no password does not appear to trigger a criminal flag. It can, however, trigger smacky emails from members of Iron Society [IRONS]:

From: Murthrox
Sent: 2011.11.25 18:31
To: Marlenus,

Fuck you asshat

While Murthrox was mailing me in anger, I was busy hauling ore. The ore I couldn’t fit in my Crane stayed there in an Ironfleet can.

I had some important stuff to do (like catching up on my Jester) so I watched the Ironfleet can for awhile in my stealth bomber. Murthrox docked his Retriever and came back in a Vagabond, then went from can to can setting passwords. (I checked, later. Good boy, you can learn from experience!)

The the Vagabond went away again. I was still catching up on blogs, so I watched for quite a long while. Finally, Murthrox came back in the Retriever. Sadly, he went to another part of his canstellation and resumed mining without showing any interest in the Ironfleet can. So, then and only then, I went back to get the rest of the ore.

2 Responses to “Mining Into Secure Cans: A Lesson Plan”

  1. Planetary Genocide says:

    Usually if they fail step 1 i steal the ore in the can first as that will give them aggro to me. Then after i kill them or they run away or the timer runs out or something then i scoop the gsc itself.

  2. Marlenus says:

    Have you done this lately, Planetary? Because that was always my experience … scooping an unanchored can gave no agro, but taking from an unpassworded can always did. Until yesterday … I did not get the yellow warning agro flag when I took from the unpassworded can. Was very surprised not to. So I’m wondering if (a) I was always confused about that; or (b) if there’s been a subtle change.

    I know other subtle changes have happened in the last year or two while I was inactive — for instance, rats are smarter about dropping agro in belts and transferring it to my drones. They never used to do that.

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